Side Hustles that can earn you extra money

Side Hustles that can earn you extra money

The value of a good side hustle cannot be underestimated. Some people have grown their side hustle to the point where it has become their top earner. A side hustle is a way of making extra cash while doing your regular 9-5 job and waiting for your main salary.

There are a lot of side hustles that one can do and some of them are presented below.


For those who live in Lagos or Abuja or even other states that have any ride sharing app, you can join either or both of these platforms. If you have access to a car, you can either drive it yourself or give a driver and work out a payment plan for them. If you are driving it yourself, you can do after work and on weekends. Uber / Taxify take a percentage of what you make so deciding when to drive would be a non issue as there’s no flat rate involved.

You can earn between N2000-4000 if you drive after work. A total earning of N40, 000 – 60, 000 a month can be made from this.


Tutoring involves coaching young students in certain subject areas to help them achieve better grades in school.

If you are good with any subject(s) you can help others get better at it as well, and you don’t have to be a professional teacher. All you need is to brush up and do some research to make sure your curriculum is up to date and you’re good to go. Most tutors earn up to N30, 000 a month and this is a good source of additional cash. With this side hustle, you will also be instrumental in shaping young minds for the better and that’s another plus.


There are websites that can help you become a real estate agent. Agents earn 10% from any referral they make, be it a plot of land or recommending tenants. All you need is some leg work to find the houses up for rent and put them online with your contact details. If anyone ends up renting the apartment via you, you get paid for connecting property owners/landlords to buyers/tenants.


If you are a good public speaker and enjoy functions, you can make emceeing an event your side hustle. You can start out by doing it for family members and friends and word will spread. Starting out you can charge between N20, 000-30,000 and grow from there. This is just for one event in one weekend! If you have events for three weekends a month, that’s a cool N60, 000 a month for talking.


There are small businesses that need to have an online presence but cannot afford to hire a full time social media manager. You can approach them and offer your services ( if you are social media savvy ) for a monthly fee. This is a very easy way to make money as you can do it from anywhere.

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Can you write well? Don’t waste that skill! Look for content writing groups on social media to scout for work. You can earn more for each article you write. You can earn anywhere from N30, 000 upwards a month from this.


This has been a side hustle for a long time now and continues to be very profitable. Brush up on your sewing skills and make fashionable ready to wear pieces to sell and a large customer base awaits you. This can be done at your spare time after work, nights and weekends. If your work is fashionable an affordable, this is a business that has a lot of potential.


Going into food business as a side hustle will always be profitable. Start small – You already have a kitchen and the basic cooking utensils needed. You can make food in bulk for bachelors or people who just don’t want to cook to refrigerate in their homes. All you need is to be sure you cook good food and the word will spread. Asides what you charge for the food which will factor in food items used and labour, you can charge a delivery fee for customers who don’t want to pick up.

There are tons of other ideas of what your side hustle could be. The key is to be sure it offers you flexibility and can cater to a ready-made customer base. It should also be from a skill you already have so you can just start and no time for learning is required.

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