What’s the Difference Between Prostitution and Runs?

What’s the Difference Between Prostitution and Runs?

Nigerians are known for creativity in the area of slangs. Day in, day out, different slangs are created for almost everything.

Imagine the latest addition? ‘Runs’ or a ‘Runs girl’ is said to be a girl who sleeps with men for money. And you would think that has replaced the word prostitution? No! These are said to be two different things with different meanings. Prostitution, according to observers, is the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity for payment. So, if money is the expectation for the two what then is the difference?

However, this question has been trending on Twitter for quite a while. Some are of the opinion that the two are arguably the same, while others are not satisfied with the comparisons, saying the words can’t be said to be the same.

Nonso Okoye , Entrepreneur

“A prostitute stands along a road side or within a premises to hawk her wares. She’s shameless and doesn’t care what you think about her. She might have accepted selling her body as a full-time job. She works mainly at night. A ‘runs girl’ is your regular friend or relative or stranger who might or might not have a regular job but sleeps with different men to make extra cash. She’s good with social media and knows how to brand (package) herself for maximum attention. She works around the clock and can travel around the country on invitations. She’s a pretender.”

Victoria Jima, Fashion Designer

“A prostitute makes it known say ‘she be ashawo.’ A runs babe is based on calls for better hotel with better pay.”

Femi Aderemi, Student
“A runs girl doesn’t stand on the road it’s connection between one friend to the other. Prostitutes are the ones on the road.”

Stella Ibrahim, Business woman
“I think runs girls are more educated, exposed and enlightened; They are greedy and charge higher. Prostitutes have a flat rate. Runs girls can also act as escorts.”

Anthony Edem, Student
“Prostitutes went to Polytechnic, while runs girls went to University and read Resource Management. It might sound funny but there’s some truth in it, sha.”

Josephine Daniel, Corper
“Prostitutes stand on the road, runs girl do proper arrangements, you don’t see them standing on the road, they do it with packaging.”

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Raymond Akan, IT technician
“Prostitutes stand at a spot and wait to meet clients. Runs girls are like Johnny Walker, they are always on the move.”

Oluchi Samson, Entrepreneur
“A Runs girl works under the influence of witchcraft, while prostitute is working under the influence of a demon.”

Ugo Samson, Student
“Last last they still sleep around so it’s the same thing to me.”

Ed Stark, Civil Servant

“The difference between a runs girl and a prostitute to me is just strategic positioning. A prostitute is okay standing on the street and getting peanuts from drunk and horny guys. A runs girl deals on networking. Going to seminars, gate-crashing society weddings and functions she knows that ballers would attend. She gets her meat and gets a huge payday or days.”

John Okocha, Data base Administrator

“They do exactly the same thing, sex is sex. There is no difference, sin is sin. If you’re doing it and think you can differentiate it, it doesn’t make any sense. The posh girls actually coined the term so you can’t call them prostitutes. They will always tell you there are certain things they can’t do. You can’t see them in the chalets, you can’t see them standing on the road. You can see them in chilling points, those are runs girls. The prostitutes you can see them in chalets, on the road and waving down customers. Like around Ikeja and other places. That’s just the difference. You can actually date a runs girl and not know. If you want to judge it the way it is, it’s the same thing.”

Oh, well, rib-cracking responses! While some of the comments are downright funny, the general consensus appears to be that they are two different things, the generic definition notwithstanding. What are your thoughts?? Sound off in the comment box.

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3 Responses to "What’s the Difference Between Prostitution and Runs?"

  1. Anonymous   October 3, 2018 at 6:55 am

    Runs girl pretend with big clothes to attract wealthy men while normal prostitute has a location ( selling point)

  2. Idongesit   October 3, 2018 at 7:00 am

    It’s the same thing. One is, Balogun market and the other Is SPAR. Its all about packaging. 😂😂

  3. Ed   October 3, 2018 at 7:46 am

    Las las, all na still hustle.


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