SPECIAL FEATURES: Rainy season: How to become rich overnight

SPECIAL FEATURES:  Rainy season:  How to become rich overnight

Rainy season is here and everyone is feeling the effect.

Some businesses are already being affected by the rains and those behind them are no longer making the kind of gains that had made them smile to the banks.

The businesses common under this category are mostly the small scale type.

However, despite the rains, there are still abundant opportunities to make more money fast.  This is so for those who really want to.  So, how does that happen?  This is simply by providing services or products that are peculiar to the season which people will go out of their way to have.

The following businesses can be very lucrative in the rainy season especially for those who are ready to go the extra mile.

Rainy season apparels: Selling things people will need to use during this season can be very lucrative. Things like umbrellas, rain-coats, rain-boots, shower caps etc. One of the reasons this would work is because most people don’t think about these items when they don’t need them or even discard them after the rains. So, they always need new ones at the start of the season. When the down pour starts, take your wares to the bus stop, you’ll definitely catch some customers.

Shower cap in particular is one accessory women look for most during rainy season.  Even if you have an already existing store front, stock it up. When rain starts unexpectedly and a woman decides to stop by to get out from the rain, you will be glad you did. And if you are at the bus stop when the rain starts, you can call your price.

Private car pick-up service: If you are willing to go out during heavy rains this could be a very viable business. You don’t need to register on a car service platform. Just start by spreading the word in your area and expand from there. During the rainy season, even drivers on car services reject rides that will take them to areas that may be flooded or that they will need to pass through flooded areas. Offering an exclusive service during this period will prove to be very lucrative. You can also offer to pick stranded people out in the rain for a quick buck. Who knows, the business might last beyond the season if you so desire.

Mosquito nets: Because of the puddles of water, mosquitoes breed faster during the season. Selling treated mosquito nets and paraphernalia during the season is a quick way to make money. Even selling insecticides in the traffic could be viable as well.

Mosquito repellents: Stocking up your store with this and prominently displaying them during rainy season would be another way to make additional money.

Cleaning services: Rain usually exposes areas that need to be cleaned.  If you are willing to do the grunt work, gutters get blocked during the season. This could be an avenue to make money. You can also offer cleaning services after a flood especially in areas like Lekki, Ajah, that usually see a lot of flooding during the season. Again, it could be the beginning of a long lasting business.

Car wash service: Cars get very dirty due to the excess dirty water on roads. Not much is needed to start this service but the basics. You can start from doing it for neighbours and see where that leads. If you are already in the business, you are already at an advantage. You have the tools to vacuum the insides of the car as those suffer a lot during the rainy season as well.

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Plumbing services: This is for the already existing business. During the rainy season, it’s time to up your game. Pipes get more easily clogged as well as drains and if you play your cards right, you could make even more money. Advertise your business by writing your number on boards in your area to ensure people see it every day. When the need arises, you will be the first one they think of.

Windscreen wiper blades: During the sunny season the blades on cars get stiff from not being used. Selling this in traffic can be an additional way to make extra money in the rainy season. Any car owner that doesn’t want clouded vision in the rain will be eager to replace his or her own.

Tent hiring services: Rain or not, celebrations will still go on. This may be more capital intensive but it can remain viable even after the season.

There are many other businesses that can thrive during this season, some may require a higher start-up capital than others. If the start-up is pricier than others, be sure it is something you can still make money with after.

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