Nigerians react to the unveiling of the National Carrier

Nigerians react to the  unveiling of the National Carrier

Nigerians have been active on the social media with their views on the recently unveiled National Air. Assistant Editor, CHINWE MADUAGWU, reports .

The Federal Government a couple of days ago unveiled the Logo of the new National Carrier, National Air. During the unveiling in London, the Minister of State for Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika, said the Federal Government will own 5% of the venture while the rest will be owned by private sector investors.

He was quoted to have said: “This will be a National Carrier that is Private sector led and driven. It is a business, not a social service. Government will not be involved in running it or deciding who runs it. The investors will have full responsibility for this.”

The Minister also disclosed that government was negotiating with Airbus and Boeing regarding supply and purchase of aircrafts even as he revealed that 81 routes (domestic, regional and international) have been identified for the national carrier out of more than 1000 routes considered.

Following the unveiling of Nigeria Air, which replaces Nigeria Airways, which went out of business in 2003, as Nigeria’s national carrier, Nigerian have been busy on the social media especially on Twitter with varied and interesting opinions on issues ranging from the need for a national carrier to the viability of the project as proposed or planned by the government.

Here are the reactions:
Oby Ezekwesili @obyezeks: “If I were President and my Aviation Minister sent me a memo asking for my approval to set up a ‘National Airline’ with initial capital of FG’s $300 million and acquire airplanes, I will instantly send him a reply. It will be: Goodbye. Pls hand over the Ministry to the PermSec.”

Mustafa Chike-Obi @ChikeMustafa: “Am baffled. Air France/KLM paid 286million dollars for 31% of Virgin Atlantic last year, but we are putting up 300million dollars for 5% of a start-up airline? Would really appreciate a national explanation.”

Reno Omokri @renoomokri: “How is it still Nigeria Air, if only 5% is to be owned by Nigeria? Kenya Airways is 100% owned by Kenya. RwandAir is 100% owned by Rwanda. South Africa Airways is 100% owned by South Africa. How can Nigeria Air be owned 95% by private investors? Are we inferior to these nation’s?”

Aisha Yesufu @AishaYesufu: “All the people defending the government of incompetent inept and clueless President Muhammadu Buhari @MBuhari don’t have a company in Nigeria that can design logo? Just wondering.”

Isa Ali Pantami, PhD @DrIsaPantami: “Yes! It will cost us nothing to wish our country well. May Almighty make Nigeria Air, very successful. May He make it save(sic) and sound for all passengers. O Almighty, make our country & Nigeria Air, forward ever, while backward never.”

Some other tweets are; Ebube D Statesman @akaebube; “New name for Relegation troubled Nigerian Airways
New owners of the club are unknown
New Manager unknown
No single player (Jet) has been signed
No stadium (office)
But they have already started a huge Carnival and Trophy Parade around the city.”

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Henry Shield @henryshield: “The Nigeria Air logo was designed by a company based in Bahrain.
Logo, ordinary logo, was outsourced.
Yet, VP@ProfOsinbajo keep launching ICT hubs on TV.”

JJ Omojuwa @Omojuwa “Nigeria Air! What happened to ‘Ways’ from Nigeria Airways? Lol.”

Adeyanju Denied @adeyanjudeji: “Give it to Buhari on this Nigeria Air. It’s a wonderful thing. And @hadisirika did so well with the whole thing. He also did well with the Abuja runway and everything around that time including transporting people to Kaduna & back during the period. Opposition is not madness.”

Victor ehikamenor @victorsozaboy:
“Old: Nigeria Airways
New: Nigeria Air
His Excellency has done an amazing job by nipping and tucking away the old “Ways”, because in this new dispensation we must be frugal and prudent with national nomenclature.
#Nigeria Air.”

Kennygee babe @Kennygee_70: “Some people are condemning the proposed Nigerian Air while my aviation peeps are dusting their CV’s for possible job placements, continue in your bitterness while Job’s are created and opportunities harnessed.”

Mr. Right @OtunMuri: “ Haha. Distinguished, but seriously, why do we love to start a lost battle? Abortion b4 pregnancy? What’s the usefulness of Abj Stadium today? OBJ was so cocky to reasonable advise then. He went ahead and buried $380m. Now Nigeria Air. And all privately owned airlines are in debt.”

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