Emir honours Hajia Hadiza Abubakar as ‘Uwar Matan Ningi’

Emir honours Hajia Hadiza Abubakar as ‘Uwar Matan Ningi’

Hajia Hadiza, wife of the Governor of Bauchi State, Mohammed Abubakar, has been turbanned as “Uwar Matan Ningi.”

The turbanning was by the Emir of Ningi, Alhaji Yunusa Muhammad Danyaya, as part of activities marking his  40th anniversary as the Emir of Ningi.

The choice of the wife of the governor, according to the Emir, resulted from her humanitarian activities especially in the area of women empowerment through her pet project, Bauchi Sustainable Women Economic Empowerment and Peace Initiative – B-SWEEP.

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Her strong commitment to helping the less-privileged children and women across the state was also one of the reasons for the honour.

The Emir described her as a very industrious woman, dedicated to doing good to all and sundry.

The Emir stated that turbanning Hajia Hadiza as Uwar Matan Ningi was his special way of showing his personal appreciation and that of the entire people of Ningi Emirate and to repay her dedication and philanthropic gestures especially to the people of Ningi.

The Emir formally recognised the new Uwar Matan Ningi, as a council member in the Emir of Ningi’s council.

In his remarks, Governor Mohammed Abubakar, Marafan Ningi, thanked the Emir on behalf of his wife for the priceless recognition, promising that that was just the beginning in terms of the good work by him and his wife.

“Our intention is to salvage the people from the myriad of problems they’ve been facing for a long time and to also move our dear state forward Insha Allah,” the governor said.

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