S’Africa must come first in everything –Ramaphosa

S’Africa must come first in everything –Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa took over the mantle of leadership of South Africa on Thursday declaring that the interest of the country must come first.

 “South Africa must come first in everything that we do,” he declared.

He said that as the president of the country, he had become a servant and promised to discharge his work with humility.

He said it was no time to be frivolous, but to tackle the main issues affecting the country.

He expressed interest in the need to ensure patriotism and fight corruption among other issues.

The new president said the people of South Africa must come together and tackle their common problems without having to shout at one another.

He expressed appreciation to the lawmaker for giving him the opportunity to serve, promising to always be in contact with them.

Said he:  “I will do all these as a servant of our people. Once one is elected as president, you become a servant.

“I will seek to do that task with humility and faithfulness.

 “Many of the lawmakers have spoken about unity and how to work for our people. I will adopt and accept the advice.

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“We have to work together on how to improve the lives of our people rather than grandstanding.

“Issue of corruption, strengthening state enterprises are issues that we will be addressing. Also issue of patriotism.

 “South Africa must come first in everything that we do.”

Cyril Ramaphosa was elected as president by Parliament on Thursday.

He succeeded former President Jacob Zuma who on Wednesday night announced his resignation.

The country’s constitution confers the power to appoint and remove the President of the Republic of South Africa on the National Assembly.

Ramaphosa became acting state president after Wednesday night’s vacancy in the presidency, in accordance with the supreme law of the country.

The parliament on Thursday morning affirmed Ramaphosa as President.

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