Buhari’s selfish sympathisers will soon be uncovered -Tinubu

Buhari’s selfish sympathisers will soon be uncovered -Tinubu

The national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has declared that not everyone expressing concern over the health of President Muhammadu Buhari, has genuine sympathy for him.

He said although some are truly concerned, a number of others were doing so for their selfish interest.

Those who were doing it for their own interest shall, however, soon be known, he said.

In a statement by his media aide, Mr. Tunde Rahman, Tinubu also denied that the Presidency was being run by a cabal.

According to him, from information at his disposal, the president was indeed in charge of affairs and his policies were still being implemented.

Said Tinubu: “We voted for President Buhari because we trusted his ability to make decisions regarding complex issues of state. If we can trust him to handle difficult matters of governance, we can also trust him to make correct decisions regarding his personal health…

“The President Buhari I have come to know is an honest and responsible man and leader. When he returned to Nigeria on March 10, he disclosed to the nation that he had been sick to the extent that he received blood transfusion and would leave for further treatment at some future date.

He said he would follow the counsel of his doctors and there is every reason to believe that he has been true to their counsel.

“Those who publicly speculate about the issue of the president’s health must keep all of this in mind. Much is at stake. We owe a responsibility to be wise and circumspect in what is spoken into the public ear.

“Many people have openly speculated about the president’s health. Some have done so for their own selfish reasons. These people shall be found out in time. There are many who have done so out of sincere concern for the president.

“These people should not be condemned for their heartfelt concern. However, they should be advised not to allow fear to ambush their better judgment and their courage. They should not give themselves to idle speculation. We should not buy into the myth of some cabal at work.

Dwelling in empty speculation on the existence of some mythic cabal is not what the country needs at present. From what I can see, the president remains at the helm and his policies are being implemented.”

While calling on Nigerians to support the president, he said Nigerians should stop the speculation around his health.

“We must not covet fear and rumour but should engage our creativity and enterprise to help the president accomplish his historic mission. Our greatest energies should be focused on righting this economy so that it provides a decent livelihood for all people. This critical path towards economic recovery must be followed for the sake of our children”, he said.

The APC leader also praised Buhari for showing trust and confidence in Vice President Yemi Osinbajo by giving him some responsibilities.

He added that unfounded speculations should be stopped as they would serve no purpose than derail the president’s progressive agenda.

According to him, such speculations would also end up pitting one aspect of the nation against another.

“By fomenting animosity among groups that have heretofore been allied, those who hold to the bankrupt politics of yesterday seek to thwart the president’s mission while claiming to support him.

Those who truly care about the president and the important work he still must do should not allow themselves to become the unwitting tools of these regressive forces”, he said.

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