Chibok girls deserve a holistic rehabilitation –BBOG

Chibok girls deserve a holistic rehabilitation –BBOG

Against the background of the mental and physical torture the just released 82 Chibok girls must have gone through in the hands of the terrroists group, Boko Haram, there is serious need for their holistic rehabilitation.

A member of the non-governmental organisation committed to the release of the girls, Bring Back Our Girls, Bukky Shonibare, made the position of the group known in an interview by the CNN.

Shonibare who was speaking on the release of the girls, said the fact that one of them was seen using crutches was an indication of how much pain they must have gone through.

She said the group would expect that the rehabilitation of the girls would not only take care of the physical side, but health, mental and psychological aspects too.

She said having been taken away from normal life for a very long time, they should be really taken care of.
Besides, she said, it was very necessary to know how long the rehabilitation exercise would be.

“The rehabilitation process should be hastened”, she said.

The need to hasten the process, she explained was based on the complaints by the parents of about 24 of the Chibok girls that were released earlier and were being rehabilitated.

It was gathered that some of the parents and relatives of the girls complained of not having free access to them.

Meanwhile, Shonibare has expressed the happiness of the group over the release of the girls.

“This is a very exciting development and good news for us, having waited for this long”, said Bukky.

She said the spirit in Abuja, according to reports, were very high among the members of the group.

She added that some of the parents and relatives of the girls were members of the BBOG, and were already agitating to see the girls to confirm that theirs were among.

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