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New WBF Champion, Anthony Johnson, Reveals Secret Of His Success

The new International Boxing Federation Champion, Anthony Johnson, on Sunday said dieting was part of the secret of his success in the ring.

The boxing sensation, who spoke in a video with a Nigerian fan in London said he eats Nigerian delicacies including garri, melon soup and pounded yam.

“I don’t disclose my secrets but that’s were my success comes from. I eat eba, egusi and pounded yam. And that’s part of the secret of my success,” Mr. Johnson revealed.

Addressing ongoing controversy over his nationality, the boxer said the most important thing was he is a citizen of the world.

“I am a citizen of the world. All this political stuff where people say he is British or he is Nigerian is not my thing. I am a citizen of the world and that is the most important thing. But my heart is with Nigeria and my heart is with Britain but I am a Nigerian man,” he said.

“I am trying to go out to Nigeria to meet the governor and get to give something back to the people. We want to go back with my mother and do something for the village where she comes from and if I can do more on a larger scale I will come back and associate myself more with Nigeria.

“I feel very humbled and honestly, not just for myself but for the people that have worked with me. I can only repay them by my achievements in the ring.”

Asked if he could speak Yoruba, he said, “Jeje, jeje, small-small.”

The young boxer knocked out Wladimir Klitschko in heavyweight title fight before a record 90,000 fans at the Wembley Stadium, London on Saturday.

The 27-year old IBF heavyweight champion, who has not lost since being beaten in the final of the 2011 World Amateur Championships, when he lost to Magomedrasul Majidov, said he never wanted to experience the feeling again.

“I think it’s the fear of losing, that’s why you want to perform,” Uk Mirror quoted the Nigerian-born British boxer as saying.

“I’ve dreamt about this fight and the fear of losing only makes you stronger. When you go through a loss you naturally come back stronger.

“Because I’ve lost before, I can embrace what happened before. For me, even if you lose and you’ve tried, you’ve still won.”

“I cried walking back to the changing rooms,” he said. “You don’t think you will cry because you’re a tough man, but it’s just the passion coming out.

“I went back to the gym and did some weights because I knew I needed to be stronger. And here I am today.”

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