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Easter: Support Fight Against Corruption, Injustice – MURIC Urges Nigerians

An Islamic group, Muslim Right Concern (MURIC), has enjoined Nigerians to use the occasion of Easter to strengthen the fight against injustice and corruption.

The Director of the group, Ishaq Akintola, who made a call in a statement Friday, also congratulated Christians and Nigerians on the celebration of the holy week.

The group also called on Christian leaders across the country to guide the nation’s leaders aright.

“We call on the Nigerian body of Christ to consolidate the nation’s gains under the present administration by heightening its patriotism and its readiness to sacrifice,” the statement reads in part.

“We charge Nigerian churches to promote internal justice, equity and fair play in all its dealings. We appeal to Christian leaders and clerics to guide the nation’s leaders both at state and national levels with scriptural wisdom, to redirect the focus of the youth from materialism to piety and to pay special attention to core family values which are now lacking in society.”

MURIC said in view of the fact that corruption had been identified as the major problem in the country, it urged Christian leaders to give full support to current efforts of the Federal Government in the battle against graft.

The group said further: “We remind our Christian neighbours that the impact of corruption in the areas of ignorance, disease, bad roads, poverty, poor power supply, technological backwardness, etc know no religion.

“It affects all of us whether we are Christians, Muslims or traditionalists. We are all victims. We must all stand together in a single file to fight this social cankerworm. No retreat, no surrender. We must speak with one voice and reject those who arrogate our commonwealth to themselves alone without caring whose faith is gored.

“Both the church and the mosque have big roles to play in the fight against corruption because corruption begins from the home. It is also an open secret that the corrupt elements in our society are either Muslims or Christians.

“These anti-social elements also come to the church and the mosque. We, therefore, charge both the minbar and the altar to demonstrate the political will to stamp out corruption in every home. We must address their consciences.

“We must stop idolising dubious characters. We must publicly appreciate hardworking and honest Nigerians and stop deriding them for their low financial status.”

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